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Golden Ratio Logo Design Ideas and Tips in 2022

Jacob | Feb 28,2022

What's the Golden Ratio for Logo Design?

Golden ratio design is a universally acknowledged design rule all over the world.

The golden ratio is a geometric formula invented by the ancient Greeks. The golden ratio is the most harmonious and beautiful composition method for human vision, and it is an internationally accepted aesthetic rule.

So what is the golden ratio, and why should we learn it? If we divide a picture into two, the longer and shorter ratio is 1.618, and the shorter and longer ratio is 0.618. Such ratios are recognized as the most aesthetically pleasing ratio, called the golden ratio.

golden ratio definition

The golden ratio remains the same whether you zoom in or zoom out.

golden ratio grid

How to Quickly Draw a Golden Ratio Grid

golden ratio drawings example 1

golden ratio drawings example 2

The Golden Ratio: The Golden Spiral

golden ratio drawings example 3

Golden Ratio: Rectangle

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The Application of the Golden Ratio Design in Practice

It can be used in layout design, logo design, font design, etc. and provides a basis for alignment of text, pictures, colors, and lines in the layout, making the logo more standardized, harmonious, and visually aesthetic.

1. Golden Ratio in Photography

In terms of photography, the golden ratio skills are common to apply by amateurs and professionals.

golden ratio in photography

2. Golden Ratio in Typesetting/Typography

As the architectural design, there must be a structural frame first, and the structural frame in the layout is what we call the grid. The grid is a vast system, and the golden ratio is just one of the critical knowledge points, providing the basis for our design.

golden ratio in typography

3. Golden Ratio in UI Design

The golden ratio also applies to page layouts. So, for example, when using a 960px width layout, divide by 1.618 to get 594px, which can be used as the height of your structure, then divide the entire form into two columns, and a coordinated layout comes out.

golden ratio in ui design

4. Golden Ratio in Logo Design

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Let's look at a set of numbers: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144... Do you know how these numbers are related?

In fact, the addition of the first two numbers is equal to the third number. It is amazing that the ratio of the latter two numbers 2/3, 3/5, 5/8, 8/13, and 13/21 are all close to the golden ratio of 0.618.

This sequence is called the "Fibonacci sequence," and these numbers are called "Fibonacci numbers."

golden ratio in logo design

golden ratio in apple logo

Golden ratio in apple logo

Pepsi's logo is constructed using two circles that follow the golden ratio. The smaller circle is not the obvious one, but is hidden in the inner curve.

golden raito in pepsi logo

Golden Ratio in Pepsi logo

draw a logo using golden ratio

Draw a logo using the golden ratio

Do You Need Golden Ratio Logo Design Maker?

Drawing the golden ratio can make your design reasonable. For example, suppose your invention has already finished, then through the golden ratio specification, it can be more credible and durable. Moreover, such a logo design full of the golden ratio method can significantly improve the chance of a one-time pass by your boss and clients.

Here, EaseUS online logo maker provides individuals and companies who want to make an exquisite and meaningful logo with a handful of logo templates based on golden ratio design. Perhaps you might want to give an easy start with the golden ratio design software.

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Of course, the golden ratio is an excellent option in design, but not the only option. In addition, the cutting tool in PhotoShop also has the golden section, golden spiral, diagonal, triangle, and other segmentation methods, and you can start a further study.

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