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Animal & Pet Logo Idea

Animal logos are a popular choice for companies whether they are offering animal grooming services, selling pet supplies, or running a puppy-sitting service. From friendly pet animals to ferocious and free wild animals, you will definitely find an animal you like. Before you start designing your logo, get inspired by these amazing pet logos created by EaseUS's professional designers. And understand how to use colors, fonts, and icons to define such logos for your business.

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Choose the Animals and Pets templates from the logo categories, and start to design your logo.


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Enter your brand or company's name as the logo name. Adding a slogan to the logo is also available.


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This creation is easy - animal icons all the way! The icon reflects the type of business is represented, you should have a symbol in mind right from the start. Then, ensure that your animal item or icon matches your products or services. Finally, select the animal-related items, such as paw prints or a toy chewing bone.


Different animals and pets have different colors, so do animal-inspired logos. If you want to use the earthy tones in your animal and pet logo, they remind your audience of nature and the outdoors. Also, you can choose a palette that reflects the animals you work with, like green and blue for sea life, or white and pink for a rabbit.


It's interesting and fun to select the fonts for your pet's logo. Here are the suggestions - try round and artistic fonts, or use custom fonts to express the unique style and characteristics of your business. You can also choose a layout that gives your symbol more space to make sure your logo looks equally as good on digital mediums.

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