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Car Logo Idea

Every car brand tells a story about the person behind the wheels. If you are working with vehicles - a mechanic, car manufacturer, or race-car driver, the car logo can make you stand out among other competitors. A strong car logo adds fuel to your brand because it allows you to control the messages sent to your audience and future customers. You can begin your business by browsing our collection of car logos. Learn how to design your car logo with online templates, including colors, fonts, symbols, and more.

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For cars and vehicles, an icon is not a car logo must. Most people would like to choose an abstract symbol or a combination of letters to impress the customers. You can also choose the traditional way - using an icon like a shield, a triangle, or the icon of your favorites. What matters most is the story behind the logo - your story.


The first thing that catches your eyes is the color, so choose your palette carefully. Car logos tend to use colors associated with speed and power, such as black and blue, silver and gold, red and white. No matter what kind of color you choose, make sure that the colors on your logo resonate with your target audience.


How can you make your logo to be identifiable on your cars? You need to choose a simple and clear layout. Select fonts that represent strength, durability, and legibility. If you opt to use your logo across different applications, consider creating symbol-only, or text-only variations. Your logo will fuel brand recognition everywhere.

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