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Landscaping Logo Idea

Sow a brand new logo to promote your business! Whether you are just starting your landscape design business or afforestation business, or you want to expand into a new field, a good logo design can establish a landscape brand image and unlock the company's maximum potential. Before starting your procedure, you can look at our landscape templates for a quick look at the logos, colors, and layouts favored by various companies. Then refer to our design suggestions and click on this software to start designing!

How to Make A Logo for Your Brand

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Choose a Template

Choose a category and select the shape that you like the most from thousands of templates.


Create & Customize Your Own Logo

Enter your brand name, set the color, font, and typography to make your logo unique.


Preview and Save

Preview or re-customize your logo. Once you get a desired logo, save and download it to start branding your product.


Icons in the landscape industry are related to nature, such as leaves, trees, grass, etc. Realistic elements can quickly convey your company's services. If you want to be unique, use abstract features that echo the natural contours. Make sure each element matches harmoniously. Time to design a unique ecosystem!


The ideal choice for landscaping companies is undoubtedly green! Green represents freshness, vitality, harmony, and naturalness, and choosing this color for a company logo lets users know that they are gardening or have great gardening skills. In addition to green, you can add yellow or blue for decoration. After entering the design screen, you can change the colors and combine them.


Logo fonts can tell the customer what your landscaping style looks like, and fonts influence the user's judgment. Traditional serif fonts convey a sense of reliability that is important to users. In addition to serif fonts, choose with clean lines or sharp edges - Make your brand name stand out whenever you want.

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