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A successful team logo can impress your fans, motivate your team members to cooperate and convey a sense of trend and fashion. Relax if you don't have much experience designing a communicative and impressing team logo. Here, EaseUS LogoMaker will provide you with thousands of trending team logos to help you get some inspiration in creating a team icon. You can also follow this tutorial guide to learn about designing a trending and impressive team logo. Are you ready to design a stunning team logo icon for your team or group? Apply EaseUS LogoMaker here to practice your logo designing ideas and create an attractive team logo here immediately.

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Choose the template you like to start design your logo.


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Go to the Text section and choose the font for inspiration. Enter Your Company's or brand name on it.


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Confirm your work, then click "Download" and choose the file type to save.


While selecting icons for the team logo, it's significant to select an icon that reflects the goal of your team. For example, most sports teams pick a ball figure as the primary icon. So make sure that the icon extends the correct concept of your team. Sometimes, to develop your team's spirit, animal shapes like a horse, bull, owl, dogs, bees, etc., are also perfect choices for team logos.


While setting the color of a team logo, a pure color palette is also recommended. Make sure the background color effectively highlights your symbols. For example, pure white, black, green, dark purple, etc., are hot background colors. Setting 2 or 3 contrast colors for the logo's primary color. Using a similar color scheme for a team logo is also a good practice that you can try.


To make your logo communicative, it's essential to select an expressing font. Combining contrast fonts like Serif with Sans-Serif or using all-caps typeface is trending to grab attention. Script fonts are also popular and easy to recognize among logos. Sometimes, combining upper-case fonts with lower-case fonts can also make your symbols stand out among millions of similar team logos.

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