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Whether you are a rock fan or not, you may be familiar with the following logos: AC/DC, tongue and lips, Nirvana, and Metallica. Yes, these are the logos of famous rock bands, but they now not only represent a band, but are also widely used in various aspects, such as printed on T-shirts and mobile phone cases. You can also think that these logos have become fashionable and popular symbols. If you also want to choose a logo for your band, why not try it yourself, start exploring EaseUS Logo Maker now and design a band logo of your own.

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Choose the template you like to start design your logo.


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Go to the Text section and choose the font for inspiration. Enter Your Company's or brand name on it.


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In terms of icon selection, our suggestion is that there is no need to limit it to notes or instrument-related graphics. If you look at the icons of well-known bands, you can find that there are not many music-related things in their logos. The role of the logo for the band is to make the band more recognizable. More importantly, the logo can express your knowledge and attitude towards art more specifically. So follow your heart and create the logo.


When designing a band logo, there are not many restrictions on the color. Just like when choosing an icon, no matter what color you want to choose or how to combine colors, as long as you like the color and your logo is eye-catching enough. But at the same time, you have to follow this principle: customers/audiences must be able to recognize your logo. In other words, if in the eyes of others, your logo is just a mess of color, then I’m afraid that this logo will not attract them.


In addition to graphics, you can also brand your fonts. Some musicians prefer to use the same fonts on albums. For example, Mariah Carey, since her debut in 1990, all album titles, website titles, and product designs have used Friz Quadrata fonts. It is best to choose a common font for your logos, such as Veranda or Tahoma. Also remember that when your fonts are printed on posters or used as thumbnails, you still need to be able to read them, so stay away from anything that is too flashy.

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