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As a rising way of entertainment and studying, you can see more and more celebrities and organizations starting running their own podcast channels. Although the content should always be the key point of a podcast, the logo of your podcast is the first content new listeners will see on Apple Podcasts or social media. A good logo can attract users’ interests at once, and from the perspective of audience culture, a podcast logo is more important than the meaning it carries. To tell a good story, you must first have a recognizable and unique logo that is full of artistic sense.

How to Make A Logo for Your Brand

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Choose your category and then select a template to start.


Customize your logo

Select logo styles, colors, and symbols for inspiration.


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Podcasts are as varied as the people who created them, and your podcast icon should be influenced by the type of podcast you own. Your goal is to make sure that potential listeners understand your podcast content so that you can make a deep first impression. What is the goal of your podcast? Think about it, and choose the proper templates and graphics to make an icon. Remember not to overuse icons like mic or earphones.


Choosing the right color combination can make your podcast stand out more easily. Generally, choosing a contrasting color will help improve the recognition of the logo. At the same time, the recognition of the logo on different media should also be considered. It is recommended not to choose the same color for the title and background, otherwise, the podcast name will disappear in the background on a small screen.


If you don’t know which font to choose for the podcast logo, remember one simple rule: use no more than two fonts. Multiple fonts will cause visual disturbance. Also, avoid using too fancy fonts. Some fonts are indeed eye-catching, but they are also more difficult to read. Fonts are just tools for conveying information. When designing a podcast logo, also make sure that the podcast icon is clear in all sizes from the large display to the iPhone screen.

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