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In the past few decades, technology has greatly changed our lives, from new job opportunities to our way of life. Various technology startups have sprung up in all industries. If you want to stand out from the competition, besides brainstorming a good product idea, a special logo can also offer a helping hand. Famous technology companies often impressed users at first sight with the logo. For example, Apple's famous apple with a bite logo and Google's colorful logo. Here, with EaseUS Logo Maker, get the inspiration of technology logo design and transfer your idea into incredible work!

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Unlike the logos of other industries, the logos of technology companies are usually relatively simple and do not have too many complicated designs. Therefore, it is a common choice to use the initials of the company's name as the logo icon. Another common icon choice is geometric figures. Geometric figures represent stability, reliability, and can well reflect the corporate image and convey corporate culture.


In terms of color selection, technology logos are different from other types of logos. They generally only have one or two colors. Blue, red, orange, and black is common color choices for technology logos. Among them, blue is the most common color choice for technology startups, because it is regarded as the least threatening and most believable color. In technology logo design, the combination of blue and white, blue and green is also very common.


Technology logos will not be excessively artistic. In terms of layout, the logo and company name are usually arranged side-to-side or up and down. In terms of font selection, avoid using fonts that are difficult to recognize such as script fonts and decorative fonts. Generally, sans serif fonts are the standard fonts for logos in the technology industry, and Futura, Helvetica, Arial, and Gotham are common font choices.

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