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The name represents a person and his/hers image. In addition to representing yourself, some brands or family-run stores will also choose to use their personal names as brand names. In the new era, with the popularity of the Internet and the rise of the Internet celebrity economy, the brand effect of individual names and accounts has become more and more obvious. So, if you have the idea of using your own name as a brand, it's necessary to design a logo for it. Here EaseUS LogoMaker is ready to help!

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For the name logo, the icon is not the most important element. Whether to design a portrait or to choose some other symbol, it's usually recommended that the size of the entire graphic shouldn't exceed the text size. Because the most important element in the name logo is still the text. And there is no special rule on which graphic icon to choose, just choose your favorite and distinctive.


What kind of color to choose mainly depends on the use of your name logo. If you are a social media worker and your name is your brand, you can choose the corresponding color according to your industry. For example, the food industry can choose bright colors such as orange, yellow, and red; the beauty industry prefers to choose pink, Tiffany blue and other colors that attract young consumers.


Because the name is closely related to your personal image and industry, the choice of font also needs to be selected according to the characteristics of the industry. If you are a lawyer who is about to open your own law firm, then the font you choose is best solemn, serious and trustworthy. If you're not sure what font to choose, then choosing the most commonly used sans-serif is also a good choice.

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