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EaseUS LogoMaker is a powerful website that helps zero-experience users design logos. When you want to open a coffee shop, restaurant, fashion store, or bookstore, choosing a vintage logo may be the foundation of your brand's success. It is believed that the meaning of vintage is to retain the essence of fashion and taste of the past in a simple and classic style. In EaseUS LogoMaker, you can choose a template that meets your requirements from thousands of templates, and add vector icons, shapes, fonts, and other elements on this basis to make your logo special and unique.

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Choose a Template

Choose a category and select the shape that you like the most from thousands of templates.


Create & Customize Your Own Logo

Enter your brand name, set the color, font, and typography to make your logo unique.


Preview and Save

Preview or re-customize your logo. Once you get a desired logo, save and download it to start branding your product.


Vintage logos tend to use a flat design, and this design style combines a sense of age and popularity and is simple and straightforward. Vintage logos usually place the icon in the center of the logo. The icon should accurately describe the service you offer or the idea you want to convey through the logo. The icon should be as simple as possible and not contain a lot of colors.


Vintage logos are usually flat logos, these modern flat logos are designed to make them easy to be added to promotional materials as well as for online marketing purposes. Vintage logos will often include a small palette of only one to three colors, and the colors chosen are dull or muted. Popular vintage logo color options include gray, brown, beige, white, and black.


When choosing the ideal fonts for your logo, don't forget that the vintage logo is known for its bold, large, and retro fonts. There are hundreds of different retro-style fonts to choose from in EaseUS LogoMaker, but don't forget it needs to fit the shape of your logo. Try envisioning your logo on other surfaces such as t-shirts, bags, mugs, and other promotional materials.

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