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Creating an excellent cooling logo is an important part of building a successful cooling enterprise. A good logo allows people to quickly remember your brand and helps potential customers understand and choose you. When you want to design your own cooling logo, browse our logo library to see how competitors promote themselves through business logos. You can learn how to express your products and businesses through colors, shapes and other design elements. EaseUS Logo Maker has hundreds of innovative and reliable cooling logos, and you can customize your own cooling logo with just a few mouse clicks.

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Choose a category and select the shape that you like the most from thousands of templates.


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Enter your brand name, set the color, font, and typography to make your logo unique.


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Preview or re-customize your logo. Once you get a desired logo, save and download it to start branding your product.


When choosing cooling logo icons, you can use symbols that communicate your refrigeration services, such as snowflakes, fans, wind, or water. The element type of cooling logo can be pattern, text, English, etc., and it can also be designed with a combination of multiple icons. But pay attention to the standardization of the combination of elements and the beauty of the design.


The color selection and matching of the cooling logo depends on the characteristics of the company itself. The cooling logo tends to use cold blue and ice white. And, you can also try other cool color combinations. In addition, cooling or refrigeration also involves environmental issues. You can convey the environmental awareness of your product through the right colors.


When it comes to typography for the cooling logo, choose a font that conveys the quality of your product and the culture of your brand. Bold and blocky sans serif fonts are good choices for the logo. In addition to personality, fonts should also be readable. Typography and layout should be clean, simple, and easy to scale to use on different occasions. Then, your logo will be perfect.

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