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With the growing popularity of esports, gamers everywhere are taking to the Internet. And with the rise of Twitch and YouTube gaming channels, the scale of gamer players is getting bigger and bigger. A good gaming logo conveys accurate product and channel information, resonates with esports fans, and enhances your brand. If you don't know how to design a unique gaming logo, you've come to the right place! We've collected game logo designs from well-known individuals, teams, or studios around the world. You can learn how to use the right colors, fonts, and symbols to create your peculiar gaming logo.

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Choose the Animals and Pets templates from the logo categories, and start to design your logo.


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Enter your brand or company's name as the logo name. Adding a slogan to the logo is also available.


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To design a game logo, you can find inspiration from your favorite game characters, choose icons or symbols that describe the game content, and reflect the theme of the game. You can also choose some game elements to let other players quickly know what type of player you are, attracting the user's attention and inspiring their curiosity.


When creating game icons for your channel or team, it is recommended that you choose a color similar to or the same as the corresponding game type to resonate with your streaming users. Aim for colors that are different from other players to stand out from the crowd. Bright colors can deepen the player's impression and improve recognition.


The font of the game logo is usually customized. In general, you should use as few fonts as possible, and create as much visual hierarchy as possible. For example, you can use a different style, size, direction, position, color, etc. of the font to design, so that the logo can be clearly seen even in different sizes and platforms.

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