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Whether you're running a grocery store, a fast-food restaurant, or a beverage department, a reputable brand attracts customers. They say that if a food seems to trigger people's appetite, then it is half the battle. The same is true for food brand logos. A great food brand needs a bright brand logo. To make a food logo full of personality and fun, you can browse our food logo template library to get inspiration. Choose one of the thousands of food logo images we have collected, add your brand name, adjust the color or font, and generate a logo that will make customers reluctant to leave.

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Customize your logo

Select logo texts, colors, elements, layouts, and background for inspiration.


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Preview your design first. Then, name the work and choose a file type to download your logo file .


Food logos play the most important role in the entire brand. Make icons that correspond to your food or restaurant. A brand that sells pasta can design a bowl of delicious pasta icons. For wine companies, which may mean using cups or cocktail icons, for seafood restaurants, you need to use fish and shrimp shapes. No matter what logo you choose, make sure it reflects your food and service.


Food logos usually use a color that can represent the related products you provide. For example, if a brand offers burgers, then they may want to use a warm orange to express the product. Red, yellow, green, and orange are all popular choices for food logos because they are similar to the food ingredients. In addition, when you choose the logo color, try to be different from the competitor's.


The way you manage your food determines the layout of your food logo. For example, if you sell beverages, the food logo will appear on the bottle. If you run a restaurant, the food logo will appear on the menu and restaurant decoration. This requires different logo layouts. When you design a food logo, you need to think about where the logo is most commonly used and what font is suitable.

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