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Mask Logo Idea

What else do you need to take when you go out besides your phone and keys? Yes, masks. Whether for fashion or daily protection, high-quality masks can retain more customers. How do you attract users? Show your brand with a custom logo. Start by designing an icon and gradually build trust with customers through a unique icon. Then, before creating the logo, learn about the buying trends in the industry, the differences between medical and non-medical, and the different customers (materials, frequency of use, style). Make logos with our AI-assisted logo maker according to different needs.

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The medical mask logo can choose a medical symbol, but the fashion mask logo has no specific character. Non-medical masks have two icon types: text and a mask icon, and the other is just an icon. Although there is no particular requirement for a mask logo, as with other industries, hopefully, these templates can provide some creativity.


Light blue has long been a significant color palette for medical supplies. If your mask used for medical, you can choose this color or soft green. If it's related to fashion or everyday accessories, steer clear of the colors above and go for bold, bright colors to impress your logo -- simple black and white or bright yellow.


For medical logos, readable fonts are a priority, and you need to consider how legible the logo is. Serif fonts provide a large number of beautiful and readable fonts. Unless masks are primarily used for medical purposes, you can consider the uniqueness of fonts, try scripts and modern fonts.

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