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A text logo is a wordmark style logo, favored by companies, institutions and products with short names. The type of text logo contains the least quantities of elements to create a graphic logo, which is based on only letters and characters. Famous text logo examples are IMB, Dior, Google, FedEx, Canon, Microsoft, Disney... How do those brands impress you? Will you show off your brand's personality with a custom text logo? All you need is a good logo maker that can half automate a logo design based on ready-made templates. Our EaseUS Logo Maker has about 1000+ beautiful templates of the text kind for you to customize a distinctive and vivid wordmark style logo based on cool fonts, bright to dark colors and backgrounds. If you want to learn more typography basics and design tips to make the utmost effect of an unforgettable logo, our website's blogs can help you make it.

How to Make A Logo for Your Brand

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Choose a Template

Choose the template you like to start design your logo.


Customize Your Logo Texts

Go to the Text section and choose the font for inspiration. Enter Your Company's or brand name on it.


Preview and Download

Confirm your work, then click "Download" and choose the file type to save.


Text logos are based on only texts, mostly comprising the company's name. If your brand's name cannot 100% fit this logo type, you may want to add a small portion of symbols or icons in it. How to choose a proper icon? Always keep in mind that you choose an icon that should be recognizable, memorable, and clearly visible in small sizes.


Color psychology tells us that colors impact our emotions and behaviors. Choosing the right logo color can highlight your business strength and help attract the right customers. When incorporating colors in your text logos, the first rule is to pick a color that can be found in your brands, websites or client's business. Try to avoid the colors that seem to be aggressive in your field, and that needs your own exploration.


Typography plays a very important role in distinguishing a text logo from those graphic logos, within which the typeface and font you choose will decide how you wish to present your logo idea. Usually, a rounded font like Visby Round is an elegant Sans Serif font that will strengthen connections, while long thin script fonts can convey art and beauty.

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EaseUS Logo Maker is an intelligent online logo creator with numerous professionally designed logo templates. A super easy but powerful wizard guides you to make a satisfying logo in a few clicks. Do not wait! Create your logo now!

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