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Flying Logo Idea

Flying logos are widely used in many fields, including games, competitions, tourism, luxury jewelry, and even the communication industry. To make your flying logos impressive and communicative, you can browse the collection of hot flying logo samples in the EaseUS LogoMaker gallery. By browsing these fantasy logos, you may get some ideas about logo designing, and it doesn't matter if you have no skills. Following the listed tips on this page, you'll learn how to match flying icons, colors perfectly, and fonts to form an attractive and unique icon for your product and service. You can even apply EaseUS LogoMaker to practice your ideas and create a flying logo immediately.

How to Make A Logo for Your Brand

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Chosse a Template

Choose the Animals and Pets templates from the logo categories, and start to design your logo.


Type in your brand or company's name

Enter your brand or company's name as the logo name. Adding a slogan to the logo is also available.


Save or share

After finishing design the logo, click "Download" to save to local, or log in to save to cloud.


The icon that you've selected must reflect your product or company's concept. Birds like pigeons, awl, insects like bees, butterflies, etc., are widely used in flying logo designs. Butterflies or bees could be used for luxury jewelry brands, owls or dragons reflect power and speed, which are usually applied as games or competitions logos. Combining plants, flying icons, with geometric shapes can be more creative.


Pure white, drake green, black, dark blue, etc., are popular colors for setting as the logo background. When it comes to selecting the primary color for a flying logo, the best way to make the logo stand out is to set a contrasting color to the background. For example, white and blue, black and gold, white and brown, white and purple, etc., are popular groups. You can also try to add two or three colors to the flying logo to make it more stylish and impressive.


The flying logos are mostly used in formal events or big competitions, accessible online and offline anywhere. while selecting the font for a flying logo, make sure that your clients and target audiences can read and recognize your logo easily. Serif or Sans-Serif fonts families are excellent practice for setting the logo font. Most companies would write the logo name in an upper-case form to emphasize the importance or convey a sense of formality.

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