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Weed has had a bad reputation in the past, but with its legalization, the marijuana industry is becoming more and more prosperous. If you also want to get a share of this industry, perhaps a striking logo can help your business open up the market. When creating the Weed logo, you need to ensure that it highlights the professionalism of the brand and lets your audience know that you are a reliable and trustworthy business. Use our free Weed logo maker to choose font styles, colors, and shapes to complement your cannabis commercial brand identity.

How to Make A Logo for Your Brand

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Choose a template

Choose your category and then select a template to start.


Customize your logo

Select logo texts, colors, elements, layouts, and background for inspiration.


Preview and download 

Preview your design first. Then, name the work and choose a file type to download your logo file .


The icon can reflect the theme and style of your brand. The right icon can enable customers to quickly identify what your product is and help them determine whether they are interested in your brand. Weed logos don’t need to be too complicated. Generally, cannabis leaf is the most common element. Secondly, you can also choose an anthropomorphic animal image as the logo. Also, don't forget to add your brand name.


In terms of color selection, green is the most common color choice for weed logos because cannabis leaves are green. If you don't want to use cannabis leaf as a logo element, other safe colors, such as black, yellow, tender green, etc are also good choices. In addition, the designer recommends using a solid color background as much as possible, so that the logo and brand can be highlighted to the greatest extent.


In the choice of font, the weed logo also follows the same rules when choosing the color, simplicity comes first. Looking at the logos of other cannabis brands, you can find that almost no brands use cursive fonts. Our designers recommend using Sans-Serifs, because this font looks clean and clear, which can make your brand look more trustworthy. Besides, blocky Serif and cursive Script are also wise choices.

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