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Stamp Logo Idea

A one-of-a-kind stamp can represent yourself, marking your photography, paintings, and words, and it can also be seen as a new-age signature method. Whether you're looking to design a stamp logo for an individual or a business, EaseUS LogoMaker's library of templates will give you endless inspiration. In addition to thousands of templates, crafting icons, rich font styles, and powerful editing tools can help you create a stamp logo.

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Choose the template you like to start design your logo.


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Go to the Text section and choose the font for inspiration. Enter Your Company's or brand name on it.


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Confirm your work, then click "Download" and choose the file type to save.


The necessary graphic on the stamp logo is actually your personal or company logo, it may not be a recognizable graphic, but an abstract geometric figure. This way your personal or company image is condensed into a special icon that people will think of you as soon as they see it. Overall, this icon represents your brand and personal image, make sure that the icon you choose would not offend others.


When choosing a color for your stamp logo, you need to consider two things: how the color will look on screen and how it will look when printed. Because the stamp logo is likely to be printed out as a brand or company logo. You can refer to common logo colors in the industry so that you know which colors are safe and don’t go wrong.


The most important font requirement for a stamp logo is legibility, as it may be displayed in various sizes. So script fonts like cursive or calligraphy are not recommended. Slab Serif, San Serif, and Serif are all good choices because they have been used in a variety of settings and can convey a feeling of traditional, professional, and elegant.

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