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Do you need an online logo maker? EaseUS LogoMaker provides you with a platform where you can freely create your own logo. Here you can make custom letter logos without any skills and it's zero experience friendly. Whether you want to make a simple letter logo, creative letter name logo, or a company name logo, you can find the right template in EaseUS LogoMaker. Start your logo-making journey now!

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The icon choice of the letter logo is simple. If you need to design a simple letter logo, the main body is the letter and not many other elements are needed. If you need a variant letter logo, you can find the corresponding variant letter in the template library of EaseUS LogoMaker. If you feel that only one letter is slightly monotonous, it is recommended to choose other decorative graphics as embellishments.


There are not many restrictions on which colors to choose for letter logos. More often, colors need to be selected according to the characteristics of the industry. For example, if you were to make a letter logo for a company that would be suitable for ordinary business situations, the common colors would be blue or black. If you're designing a monogram logo for your personal restaurant brand, consider yellow and red as well as black and red.


When choosing a font for your letter logo, you need to understand the meaning behind each font. A serif is a small line, flourish or embellishment trailing from the main stroke of a letter. This font often conveys a feeling of traditional, professional, elegant, and strong. However, a Script font is often created with fluid strokes using a brush or nib. It conveys the feeling of classic, romantic, welcoming, warm, and soft.

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