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There are a bunch of shop icons you can choose from our collection. An effective shop logo might see a rise in output. No matter what style you want to design, elegance, funny, or trustworthy, or you want to collect some ideas without exact needs, this shop logomaker can help you design a stunning logo. If you are an entrepreneur or head of Amazon's online store, creating a logo that matches the store's philosophy can quickly attract users, foster brand loyalty, and separate you from the competition. Before you start designing, you can check our collection of store logos.

How to Make A Logo for Your Brand

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Choose a template

Choose your category and then select a template to start.


Customize your logo

Select logo texts, colors, elements, layouts, and background for inspiration.


Preview and download 

Preview your design first. Then, name the work and choose a file type to download your logo file .


As a point of identification, the shop icon is the sign that customers use to mark what your business is all about. Your icon should correspond to the brand. So you should select the item related to the store, like the look of the store or main product, or your brand name.


Want to convey creativity? Professionalism? Playfulness? Red stands passion and blue stands professional. Store logos tend to use colors that are associated with your product. While you could select colors from your product mood, you can take under 3 colors for harmony.


Your layout should tell your audience that you mean shop. A memorable logo is not defined by a fixed layout, but by the core beliefs that the logo conveys, such as trustworthiness, attractiveness, funny and more. Figure out what you want to tell customers first, and then enter our shop collection to design based on your needs.

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