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People Logo Idea

A People logo seems quite simple to create with some direct lines. To tell your brand story and pique the interest and invite the public to see your company. This icon is often used in large-scale planning activities to express unique meanings, such as harmony between man and nature, human cohesion. If you want to create such a mark, you can stay here and start with some great tasks. Have no idea to make a People icon? Don't worry. We've collected many interesting symbols of People-themed logos. The design suggestions below will inspire you. Make a perfect design now!

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People ICONS include both basic Outlines and abstract symbols. You can choose between different types to draw people's attention, such as concrete figures for outdoor activity, and abstract lines for website design. Look for symbols that match your service or product. Make sure your icon is clear in different sizes.


The right color will engage users and complement the company culture, and your design color should align with your campaign or company philosophy. If you want to strike a chord with your campaign, red and yellow can do it. If you tend to project a unique corporate image, You can overlay many colors.


In terms of layout, designers usually choose human elements to design unique ICONS. For example, forming a circle represents harmony, forming a heart stands to love, etc. You can select ICONS that conform to your concept and pay attention to the clarity of the ICONS.

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