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Whether you're looking to enter a university-level competition or your school wants to update its logo, there are countless professional university logo templates to shorten the design process. When ready to design, make your logo using our AI-assisted logo maker! With the help of the EaseUS logo creator, designing a university logo is not a difficult challenge. This online logo library has many templates and suggestions for you. These educational logo designs, such as the book logo and pen logo, are perfect for your university. You need to choose a favorite template, combine the icons, colors, and fonts you like, immediately try free editing and quickly get the finished product.

How to Make A Logo for Your Brand

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Choose a Template

Choose a category and select the shape that you like the most from thousands of templates.


Create & Customize Your Own Logo

Enter your brand name, set the color, font, and typography to make your logo unique.


Preview and Save

Preview or re-customize your logo. Once you get a desired logo, save and download it to start branding your product.


Academic caps, books, education...... Symbols convey the values and themes of the university. For any signs, you consider, make sure the style is consistent with other elements of your logo or just a component if there is no ideal match. With a cohesive logo design, you will do better than your competitors.


When designing your logo, look for colors that reflect your college theme and level. Universities tend to make things more academic and severe in pastel shades of green, red and blue. Try to avoid exceptionally bright colors, such as bright orange, yellow, and green.


Easy to recognize is the most important! Make sure your font is easy to read in different sizes and media, such as on-campus documents so that students can always understand your logo content. University logos generally use old-fashioned capital Serif typefaces -- fonts that are easy to read in various sizes.

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EaseUS Logo Maker is an intelligent online logo creator with numerous professionally designed logo templates. A super easy but powerful wizard guides you to make a satisfying logo in a few clicks. Do not wait! Create your logo now!

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